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Proofreading Tips Head

Tips to help you proofread your pages and
copy revisions efficiently

Proofread Backwards

At least one of your proof readings after each revision should be from back to front. It sounds counter-intuitive, we know, but when you proof backwards, you are no longer reading for "sense", you’re reading based on the individual words alone. Often we see what we want to see and our mind will fill in the blanks. This technique will minimize that tendency.

Use Proper Proofreading Terminolog and Markup

We are in the communication business, yet sometimes as proofreaders, typographers and graphic artist professionals, we are the worst a communicating. In times past, when manuscript and galleys had to be sent to professional type houses, these skills were mandatory. However, since the advent of desktop typography, many of these forms of communication between departments have been lost. Using proper markup and terminology minimizes miscommunication and saves clients money…and the agency and artist embarrassment.

For an excellent starting point, consider referring to our downloadable Proofreader's Marks Chart.