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Proofreader’s Marks Chart

Communication. It's the business we all have come to love. And yet, so very often we don't practice what we preach. It's impossible to say how many thousands of dollars — not to mention precious time, which might be
an even more valuable commodity — are thown away daily by misunderstood marked up copy that needed to
be sent back for another round of corrections, simply because it was improperly marked up and misunderstood. There is a solution, though, and its been around for years: it is the use of established proofreader's marks.

That's why we created this comprehensive Proofreader's Marks Chart. Below are a list of conventional proofreader's marks and their meanings. Next time you mark up copy for revisions, attach this as reference — and save yourself and your client time and money, and make yourself look like the professional that you are!

Download a free copy for your own reference.

Just click on the chart below and a PDF version of the will open. Just save that file to your computer.
You will need Acrobat Reader, for the file to open. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download
a copy here:

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Proofreader’s marks Chart

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