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Kern Like a Pro…Automatically!

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Let us create custom kern tables for you!

Quark’s Kerning Table Editor allows users to modify and create entire tables of professional kerns—on a document level. What this means to the typographer is that all the fine-tuning you are accustomed to doing locally, but which can be potentially deleted during revision cycle, can be done once and remain throughout the entire project’s revision cycle.

Now, for the first time, you can have custom kern tables developed by our staff of professional typographers. These tables, once imported into your document, will allow you to be able to edit and revise to your client’s—or your own—heart’s content.

Free yourself up to do what you do best: create! Let us handle your typographic details.

For more information on having your fonts custom-kerned, please go to the Information Request page today to receive our rates and terms!

KernProse is also making our ever-expanding library of fully developed kern tables available. Since these are prebuilt tables, they are each available for only $150.00. In fact, volume discounts are available if you purchase two or more tables. Please e-mail us for a copy of the growing list of currently available font kerners.

And please remember that we always consider every sale to be more a dialog than a purchase. Due to the personal preference nature of kern pairs, we will be happy to adjust any table sold to your personal
sense of aesthetic.

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