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Quark Tips

Access to Quark’s Underlying Kern Tables

Quark has the (unfortunately) almost unknown ability to do kerning on a document level. Access to this feature is found under Utilities > Kerning Table Edit…

Quark Kern Pallett



















Click the Edit Button

Click the edit button for the font you need (extremely important, because you may have very similar fonts loaded that aren't the exact ones you want to work with right now).

Also, please note that all the typical style choices are listed. In most, if not all, cases you will not want to do any kerning under any other style but “Plain”; if you are going to need a bold, load and choose that font style in your document and kern the “Plain” version of that font!

Quark Kern Value Pallette













Enter Your Kern Pairs for PERMANENT Spacing Pairs

This is the window you will use to edit and both import and export your kerning pairs. As you kern, the letter pair combination will update in the middle window, however, be sure to check your page on screen and, even better, in printed form.

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Fixing OpenType Font Errors

Quark does not often read the embedding bit in OpenType fonts correctly, and as a result Courier could be substituted when printing or when creating PDFs. One solution is to simply use the PostScript (Type 1) versions of the fonts, Since Quark (up to Quark 7) does not support the features of OpenType anyway.

Quark, however, has offered plugging called FontSilencer to fix this issue at the following link:

FontAlertSilencer XT for Mac OS

Quark offers the following explanation:

“The alert message "The font Zapf Dingbats used in the layout may be corrupt and may be substituted by Courier [108]" can occur on Mac OS 10.3 when printing or exporting as a PDF from a QuarkXPress layout if the layout contains text with certain versions of Zapf Dingbats fonts applied.

“The alert indicates that one of the fonts used in the layout may be corrupt and may be substituted with the Courier font. The alert can be triggered even if the font is not actually corrupt and is otherwise usable.

“On Mac OS X, QuarkXPress classifies a font as corrupt if the Font ID and the Font Family ID are different.

“FontAlertSilencer XT prevents the font error warning message while printing and exporting a PDF from a QuarkXPress layout…There may be scenarios where a font is actually corrupt but the FontAlertSilencer XT will prevent the warning message about a corrupt font from appearing. However, there have been reported cases where the font is not actually corrupt but the warning message displays. It is up to your discretion to use or not use this XTensions software.