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GarageFonts Logo

GarageFonts Type Foundry

GarageFonts has over 750 original typeface designs from designers all around the world.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones Logo

Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Since 1989, Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones have helped some of the world’s foremost publications, corporations, and institutions create their own particular identities through typography. The list of companies they have created designs for includes award-winning original typeface designs for Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Esquire. Institutional clients range from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to the rock band They Might Be Giants to the font family designed for Apple Computer and now appearing everywhere as part of the Macintosh operating system. Their collection of work includes many of the most famous designs and typefaces from around the world

House Industries Logo

House Industries

ikes to keep up with the latest technology in information delivery, which is why we have insisted on upgrading all of our typewriters in our press department to IBM Selectrics. We’ve also changed our News page on our website to a format that allows all house staff and friends to post information quickly and efficiently. There will be a new post at least once a day where you can monitor the progress of the next House release, look at the bezier curve Ken just spent the last week drawing, and see what treasure Andy Cruz bought for fifty cents at the flea market. With the help of Dean Allen’s Textpattern, you can also keep up with our comings and goings with any RSS client by subscribing to our RSS feed. Safari in OSX 10.4 (Tiger) is RSS-enabled and there are many free RSS clients available on the web. In OSX 10.4, you can even make our RSS feed come up in your screensaver!

Identifont Logo


Identifont is a unique font identifier that enables you to identify a font from a sample by answering a series of simple questions. It is ideal if you want to match an existing typeface, or identify a typeface you’ve seen in a publication.

Identifont includes information about fonts from over 200 publishers, including Adobe, Agfa-Monotype, Berthold, Bitstream, Elsner+Flake, FontFont, ITC, Letraset, Linotype, P22, T.26, URW++, and many smaller foundries.


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International Typeface Corporation is likely one of the premier sources for quality fonts and related information in the industry. ITC has their own versions of legacy font sets, created with larger X-heights to enhance readability at smaller sizes.

For years, ITC has published U&LC, a free trade publication that became an industry standard for not only new font creations, but for creative typographic inspiration. This journal is now available as an e-Mail subscription and remains a very worthwhile read.

Killer Fonts Logo

Killer Fonts

This unique site has fonts created from the handwriting of famous killers. While a bit macabre, it does create some interesting possibilities. The collection, thankfully, is not limited to “killers” — it also includes handwriting from many other less notorious figures like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

Linotype Logo

Linotype – a company with a long tradition

The day Ottmar Mergenthaler demonstrated the first linecasting machine to the New York Tribune in 1886, Whitelaw Reid, the editor-in-chief, was delighted: "Ottmar," he said, "you’ve cast a line of type!"

The editor’s words formed the basis for the company label, and marked the beginning of Linotype’s success story. Four years later, the ingenious inventor founded the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. Little did he know that after more than 100 years of successful business the Linotype, a subsidiary of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, would be following in his footsteps.

Today, Linotype has one of the world’s largest font libraries, offering more than 6,000 high-quality typefaces.

Linotype’s goal is to be a partner for designers and typographers, and to support a global transfer of know-how and an open exchange of ideas and information in the field of typography. The ambitious and qualified staff at Linotype are dedicated to meeting this objective and making it reality.

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