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The Professional Typographic and Proofreading Services KernProse Offers

A Growing Kern Table Library
Most of the table development we have done has been for specific projects with somewhat limited kern pairs. As a result, most of our tables aren't fully developed and not good enough for resale. However the tables listed have had hours of fine tuning and are sure to please, saving you hours and hours of hand kerning, boosting the quality of your work while it improves your efficiency.

The cost for our existing, pre-kerned tables is $150.00 per table. If you purchase 2 or more at the same the the cost per table is only $125.00 each.

Custom Kern Table Develpment
As long-time typographers, quality tyography and typographic Excellence are our passions. We realize that quality typography is an art and, because of that, it is somewhat subjective. No “automated” system of typography can match the masters hand.

What we do is offer our expertise in developing kern tables you can use to create consistent spacing across projects and enterprise business units. You can either purchase from our existing tables, or arrange to have custom tables made to your specifications.

Keep in mind that, because typography is so subjective, we consider every sale a relationship; if there are pairs that, in your personal project don't look quite right, let us know. We’ll be happy to fine tune them for you!

Call us at 708-339-5317, or eMail us at, about our reasonable rates.

Professional Proofreading
The expertise we bring to kern table development, we can also bring to your proofreading needs. Whether you’re involved in producing copy for print or for the web, your copy can either define you as a pro or as an amatuer. We have professional proofreaders that can lend an eye.

Call us about our hourly rate.

For more information, please give us a call today at:

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We’re here to help.