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About KernProse

At KernProse, we are committed to excellence.

At a time when more and more often we have seen many corporations and even ad agencies become satisfied with “good enough” typography, here at KernProse we’ve become increasingly focused on quality; we’ve come to the realization that it simply is not necessary to sacrifice quality for either speed or money. We are becoming more and more convinced that the current trend toward “good enough” typesetting and grammatical usage is more likely due either to not having the knowledge or to having the belief that there simply isn’t the time to produce work that was an industry standard a decade ago. And that really is a shame, partly because it is so untrue.

Committed to Excellence Head

We’re here to help change that perception. Having had a combined 70-year history dedicated to advertising typography and graphics, we feel we can honestly say that It is possible to create professionally written and perfectly kerned and spaced documents on time and ON BUDGET. How do we know this? Because we've done it and we have done it consistently—and we're eager to show you how.

This site is dedicated to providing you—whether you represent a print shop or a small graphics studio or you’re working for a multinational ad agency—with the tools and information you need to create the best typography possible.

You deserve it—and frankly, so do your clients. After all, what is our business about, if it’s not about communication? Using grammar that is less than perfect, or word and letter-spacing that is slightly off, actually impedes readability. Worse, it communicates something about your client to their customers. It may be subtle, but the message is there, nonetheless. And that message will likely be that your client is less than professional.

So why wait…and why make your clients settle for less than the best for their money?

  • For kerning tips and information check our section on KERNING TIPS.
  • For a more automated and consistent way of kerning, check out our information on the convenience and efficiency of having professional CUSTOM TABLES built.
  • Don't miss our section PROOFREADER’S MARKS, so you can demonstrate your professionalism to your clients during the revision cycle as well.
  • For tips on grammar, refer to our section called, surprisingly, GRAMMAR TIPS.
  • And you won't want to forget to check out the current issue of our newsletter, ProTypography Today.

Please browse through our site and use our tools. And keep coming back, because we plan to add to them over time. In fact, soon we also plan to add a blog to the site that will allow some discussion about what works best for you. We’re open to suggestions, too! Let us know what topics you’d like to see discussed. We want to know what your concerns and questions are, so we can discuss those as well. Please e-mail any questions to Or, better yet, subscribe to our free monthly newsletter at the following link: KernProse newsletter.

You’ll find that soon you too will be providing all your clients. . .